Portrait & Wedding Photographer Malaysia | Destination Wedding Photography base in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Jon Low Studios is an Award winning Photography Studio base in Malaysia. We specialize in Portraits & Wedding Photography. Jon is the principal Wedding Photographer. We specialise in Destination Pre Wedding Photo shoots, and Destination Wedding Day Celebration. Jon travelled and photographed some of the most amazing wedding destinations in Malaysia, including Langkawi, Kuala Lumpur, and various states in Malaysia; and all around the world including Paris, London, Santorini, Melbourne, South Africa, Hong Kong, Philipines, Bali. We would love to explore new places as well, from Japan, to Iceland. Contact us at Jon Low Studios, top wedding photographer in Malaysia.
Wedding Photography Malaysia, destination weddings, santori, langkawi, bali, wedding day, bride, groom
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New portfolio for destination weddings, portraitures, local and abroad. Check out our services pages to learn how you may book us for your upcoming wedding.

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  • IMG_8904

    Color Grading wedding photographs

    There are plenty of work that goes into post production in preparing our portfolio for print. Your minions are busy working on those photos in Jon Low Studios.

  • babyportraits_jared-1

    Jared – 12 Months

    Beyond weddings. Sheena & TJ was a Jon Low Studio's bride and groom, and since then, they welcomed Jared to their family.

  • ipad02

    Unleash the kraken wedding album

    We make wedding albums for most of our clients. We think that a good wedding album is our 2 hours feature Star Wars movie. A final product. Jon, well.... he thinks he is JJ Abrams doing it. So it works out great. The printed albums are gorgeous to look at. But lets be honest, as much as we love them, they probably not the easiest to bring around.


    Found Footage : Terry & Kurt

    I compiled random footages taken before the wedding took place. For our own amusement.


    It was pretty fun at the wedding

    Ever once in awhile, there are weddings that I know I should be there no matter what. Terry & Kurt's wedding is one of those weddings that I know I have to photograph. I grew up with Terry's family since we were in high school. Being a very good friend to her brother, I often am at Terry's open houses, festivities and what not. We spent some time in South Africa, before and after the wedding and here are some random photographs how things were. Oh, we have also "found footage" like film to give a better feel.

  • wedding_photographer_speaker_wppp-7

    WPPP 2013 – Afterthoughts

    WPPP and me being there still sinking in, especially those down period when I am stucked in transition between airports. I am still traveling when I penned this down on my iPad between terminals, hopefully still able to remember what it was for me at...

  • wedding_photographer_speaker_wppp-title

    Portfolio by Jon Low

    I remember way back when I learned about the internet. I would find a quote somewhere on the internet, fire up an image editor and create a .gif, with the quote and then forward it around on ICQ. That was then I knew I love...

  • Paris-19

    Real Artist Ships!

    Indeed. Those were the words of the late Steve Jobs rallying his brigade pushing out the first ever Macintosh out to the world in 1984. Real Artist Ships. When Steve Jobs shipped it’s Macintosh’s underneath the hood were the signature of his “artist” who have...