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Portrait & Wedding Photographer Malaysia | Destination Wedding Photography base in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Jon Low Studios is an Award winning Photography Studio base in Malaysia. We specialize in Portraits & Wedding Photography. We specialise in Destination Pre Wedding Photo shoots, and Destination Wedding Day Celebration. Jon travelled and photographed some of the most amazing wedding destinations in Malaysia, including Langkawi, Kuala Lumpur, and various states in Malaysia; and all around the world including Paris, London, Santorini, Melbourne, South Africa, Hong Kong, Philipines, Bali. We would love to explore new places as well, from Japan, to Iceland. Contact us at Jon Low Studios, top wedding photographer in Malaysia.
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We photograph your life.

We photograph weddings, portraits, people and we travel for photography…. and we love it.

We want to create that special photograph that you would look at again and again. We want you to remember your adventure in a frame the best we could capture. Hit us up for your upcoming wedding portraits that you fall in love viewing from this website.

We love to be at your wedding day, making pictures, and hit us up in our Studio for a quick portrait session with us. You know you want one.

Wedding Day Photography

A milestone worth capturing the best we know how! Our wedding day photography strives to make you relive your wedding forever, and ever, and ever………. and ever. You get the picture?

Wedding Portraits Photography

We believe that portraits are made to immortalize you. Hence, we believe that a portrait has to be classy, timeless and believeable, all in a single photograph. This is our take on our wedding and engagement portraits.

Family Portraits

People matter. Connect with family members during the Family Portrait session with a simple timeless seamless white settings by Studio B.