Thank you! We had a blast!


Hey Fiona, Ming,

It's Jon. Hope you had a blast on your wedding day. Thank you for having us be part of your wedding memory. Congratulations once again!

Let us proceed the necessary to have your wedding photographs deliver to you as soon as possible.

We want to ensure you will have a great collection of photographs, and at the same time, would love you to have your photographs ASAP. Hence, we will stagger your delivery.

The wedding soft copies are ready for your collection 2 months after your wedding. Though, we often deliver earlier depending on our load of the wedding seasons. These low resolution soft copies will be make available to you online for your browsing convenience. The high resolution copies will be available in DVD, and may be collected at our studios once they are made available.

Album Planning
Album planning starts immediately after the JPGs are available online, and will be initiated by us. We will be compiling an album design for your view. Depending on the design process, between us and your own timing, the wedding album may take up to another 2 months before the physical album is ready for collection.


Currently standing, we have RM 3375 amount due of the photography, with RM 1125 as for final payment. Or you may just have it paid in 1 payment at RM 4500. We hope to get the payment sorted out as soon as possible so production can kick off immediately.

You may forward to our Maybank Account: 512222 216 354, under JON LOW STUDIOS.

Once again, thank you for trusting us for photography on your wedding day. Please write us a review about us being at your wedding day.

Best Wishes, 

Jon Low