Hello Early Birds!


Welcome to the Jon Low's Inspire platform and thank you for registering early to the seminar. I am looking forward to meeting you on 1st September.

We have 3 goals we want to achieve at the end of the seminar. They are:

1. Understanding Finesse, and be inspired

Understanding WHY we do the things we do so we could produce some of our best work and our best products.

2. Know your workflows from shoot, to production and to slideshows and wedding albums.

We will demonstrate with live shoot during the seminar. We will discuss about Lightroom, Photoshop, and InDesign workflows in producing the final product. Learn Jon’s Lightroom & Photoshop workflows in creating finesse masterpieces from shooting, to the final print on the wedding album and enlargements.

3. Building a better service, a better product, a better you.

We will be discussing about how we build our brand from our core values in services and in our products.

Two Is Better Than One.

We want to reach out to even more photographers to be part of this event. Hence, on Monday 22nd July 2013, we are annoucing "Two Is Better Than One" savings. We encourage participants to bring along a friend. 2 seats at RM 900. That is RM 400 savings for both tickets! All they need to do is to register online together!

What does this means for early birds?

If you have a friend who would love to take advantage of the "Two Is Better Than One" savings, two of you would pay a total of RM 900, which each seats would cost you only RM450. That's RM 100 savings from your early bird!

How to sign up the 2nd seat if you are an early bird?

We have generated a unique coupon code for you that you could enter upon check out on our website. Simply enter coupon code : johnng , and you will be prompted to pay RM 350 instead of the original price of RM 650. This coupon can only be used once.

We hope with better savings, you would be able to have additional friend to learn together on my one day seminar. Do look out for more blogpost from me soon!