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Let us try to break down to you how we generally execute our photography trips.

Set shooting date

Plan a photography date with us. Generally, we photograph 1 day. Do factor in travelling time to get to destinations.

Pick a Destination

We have photographed many places. Be it here in the Klang Valley, or anywhere in Malaysia or the world. Let's plan the trip!

Make Up & Hair

We work with make up and hair specialist when we photograph weddings. All our photography sessions includes make up and hair.

Gowns and suits

Our photography sessions varies from smart casual to wedding formals. We work with wonderful gown designers and they would be able to assist you for your wedding gowns.

Wedding Album

Our goal is to create a beautiful wedding album. Our album is 50 pages crafted in our Classic signature album cover.


A four minutes designer slideshow will be presented with the final delivery

Photo prints

We sell canvas, photo enlargements with frames and metal prints. Enquiry about our products for your wedding photos.

2 Photography sessions

We photograph enough to fill a wedding album. Generally, a portfolio consist 2 sessions with a selection of 2 to 3 outfit. More sessions can be purchase seperately.

Wedding Portraits Portfolios:

Request for quote:


Wanderlusting since 2009

Overlooking the Aegan Sea @ Oia, Santorini

We travel to photograph. And we photograph to travel. Either way, we want to get out from our offices, and start shooting, and you know you want to. There are some existing trip that already planned out, there are also trips which our curious self would like to go. At times, you might have a destination that you would like to kick off. Whatever the plan or no plan is, lets do it together. Travel is more fun, with great photographs.

It can be quite epic, honestly

Melbourne, Australia

Angie from Angie Makeup & Hair touching up the bride in between shoot.

Indulge with us. If your desire destination is not in the list, just ask us. We can initiate new locations. As each location has different travel needs, our quotes varies. It’s best to enquire with us directly.


We may be spending a day to a week traveling together for photography. Be it for wedding portraits, or your holiday. Our goal is to create a good mixture of travel photographs and portraits for a classy album at the end of day.

Alison & Matthew’s

Wedding Portraits in Melbourne

Our goal is to craft your wedding album

the best we know how

The best books out there looks like it was printed just yesterday. With that in mind, the Classic 50 album is crafted with simplicity and elegance. A leatherette cover, with flush mounted insets that holds our perfectly selected and arranged layout, the wedding album is made to last an impression for a long time.



 Learn more about our wedding album



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