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Micah’s first view of the wedding album

I have always know that a wedding album is crucial in my photo taking workflow. It is part of preserving memories for later days in ones life. A lot of couples would think that a wedding album once produced are stored away after the wedding hype, and never really be seen again.


Time has a way in life which in this case brings back memories. Memories that were just be in our heads, if not photographed. How not better to share a moment of a wedding day with the new addition in the family, if it’s not a printed picture?


This is a video that lingered in my head for a long time. I have wanted to make this short video of one of my wedding couple I photograph with their kids unfolding their wedding album for the very first time.


I have photographed Ee Wah and Shawn on their wedding day back in 2009. We have been friends since and pretty much meet up once in awhile to catch up. Micah is 2 and half years old, and already showing plenty of his personality and character. And boy, what a lovely kid. He is expressive and able to comprehend many things at his age. Not entirely a wedding per se, but he was curious to see what is shown to him.

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