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Jon Low Studios

Jon Low Studios is a boutique specialising in weddings and portraits photography. Our portfolios consist of people from all walks of life, from far and wide in celebrating their union. We believe that the photographs that we create today, are for your tomorrow. We strive to create artistic, timeless photographs whilst retaining the real you.

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    Pre Wedding Kuala Lumpur

    The simplest form of couple portraits starts from our own backyard, and Kuala Lumpur is our backyard and we are ready when you are. Dress down, dress smart, dress casual and comfortable for simple couple portraits for an hour with Jon. Prewedding Kuala packages starts from RM 1500

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    Plan a pre wedding on a Yacht in Langkawi

    Adventurous couples, watch out! We are running a promotion for outdoorsy couples who are looking for amazing and luxurious prewedding photographs while on a little more adventure. We are photographing couples on yacht! Reach us out at langkawiweddings.com and we will share with you more of our plans!

    Langkawi Weddings

    Wedding Day Photography

    Jon’s collection of portfolios are simple, timeless and have a touch of expensive to it. Take some time to browse a collection of wedding photography that’s done here in Kuala Lumpur, and portfolios from abroad. We have a couple more days on 2024, and 2025 bookings are open for booking. Wedding day packages starts from RM 5000.

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    At Jon Low Studios, we photograph complete weddings to showcase the entire wedding story. Our photography is a mixture of candid and directed portraits. We photograph candid moments which unfold naturally whilst we assist in directing portraits.


    We spend time to craft wedding portraits photography even before the wedding so you can create more memories for the wedding.

    Be it the world’s backdrop or simply at home, we focus on theemotions and feelings between the two of you. Your wedding portraits will be personal, yet styled tastefully with simplicity and timelessness in mind.

    Jon is THE Langkawi Photographer.


    We return to Langkawi for wedding photography more than a decade and a half! We’ve made some of the best Langkawi Wedding photographs, and our dedicated website at www.langkawiweddings.com showcases that portfolio.


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    Studio Portraits

    Our signature studio portraits are one of a kind. It is a piece of art that you can take home. Our sessions are available for booking at Portrait.com.my.

    For Photographers
    Jon created Afterwalk.co dedicated for photography, photographer and content creators. Photography is the heart of Jon’s work. You can find Jon’s photography work, prints for sale, and photography education over at Afterwalk.co.


    like a lifelog:

    The city is a great backdrop. It's busy, it's interesting, and more importantly, we can't get the Kuala Lumpur charm anywhere else, but Kuala Lumpur. The best of it all, is that the city is in our backyard. It's accessible, and it's there waiting for us to create new memories it. Photographing in Kuala Lumpur means you get diverse settings, from the sleek modernity of KLCC to our everyday street city charm. Each spot brings a different vibe to your photos, making each shoot unique. Jon has explore some of the routes through his photowalks, and it's simple to create a photography experience in the city for couple portraits. The bustling markets and vibrant street scenes add life and authenticity to your portraits. Places like Petaling Street to Merdeka square are perfect for capturing candid moments. Despite being a bustling city, KL has plenty of green spaces too. Local parks to hiking trails like the Kiara route provide a serene, natural backdrop that contrasts beautifully with urban shots....

    We’re excited to share our amazing experience at the Sony Alpha Super Workshop. It was incredible to connect with 100 passionate participants and dive deep into the art of wedding photography. Together with Eric, we explored the latest Sony gear, shared our favorite techniques, and emphasised the importance of capturing real, heartfelt moments....

    Imagine this situation. While in themiddle of a photo shoot, trying to capture those perfect wedding day portraits, and suddenly the groom gets a call about the missing red wine? Or the venue starts asking about guest accommodations right then and there? And oh, guests are arriving, but the registration desk isn't ready? Yep, it's more common than you'd think, and it can turn a dream day into a bit of a logistical nightmare....

    Ever feel a bit awkward in front of a camera? You're not alone. Most of us aren't supermodels and don't spend our days striking poses. But when it comes to your wedding day, photos are a big deal. They capture the love, the laughter, and all those special moments....

    Ever felt like you're on a movie set with all the cameras pointed at you on your big day? Yeah, weddings can feel like that sometimes. But how many photographers do you actually need? Is it an all-out photo shoot or just enough snaps to capture the essence?...

    Trust me, you don't wanna miss out on this, especially if you're planning a destination wedding! So, you've collected all these amazing travel memories together, right? But let's be real, most of those pics are either awkward selfies, taken by a friendly stranger, or set up on a wonky tripod....

    Rarely, we meet a couple that would be organising an elopement wedding. So, the challenge is on when Rui & Monica researched the web and decided that I was their go to photographer and videographer for the wedding event, and here is the story on my thoughts as I compile their wedding day....


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