An Elopement Wedding at the Four Seasons, Langkawi

Not every week we shoot a wedding at The Royal Villa at the Four Seasons, Langkawi

Rarely, we meet a couple that would be organising an elopement wedding. So, the challenge is on when Rui & Monica researched the web and decided that I was their go to photographer and videographer for the wedding event, and here is the story on my thoughts as I compile their wedding day.

Jon, the videographer?

I am a photographer by trade, and that’s what I do well. If you guys have been following my work, I’ve been also shooting videos for YouTube and most of my work on YouTube are videos to promote my photography work, or to engage with other fellow photographers about … well, photography.

There is always a part of me that I want to shoot a wedding video and when Rui & Monica needed photography and video services for their elopement wedding, I thought it was the perfect setup to for me to take charge of videography and photograph at the same time. Besides, I’ve got a really capable photographer with me, and I am confident Eric would be my season photographer when I attempted to make this short wedding film.

There were few pre-requisite that I need to happen on a wedding day like this to execute what I did. For one, it’s going to be an elopement wedding. In my case, the elopement wedding has no guest, except for the newly wed’s daughters this time around.

I would be shooting video, and photos, but leaning on video mostly especially during key moments when I know my photographer would execute those moments perfectly.



On a usual wedding that we cover in Langkawi, we are a team of 5 when comes to photography and videography combine. For Rui & Monica, with no guest in their wedding list, we could streamline the workflow with 2 person. Lesser work crew, more intimate the settings would be. This then open up the opportunity for me to take the role as the videographer whilst am able to oversee photography as well.

If I were to execute this again, I would require another videographer with me.


Let us know how you like the result of this video. Will this sit perfectly for an elopement wedding that you are planning right now? Contact us!