When we create our wedding albums, we ask ourselves how should your wedding album feel.

Imagining the very first time you lay your eyes on your album. Or how would it feel in a year’s time or in the many years to come.


Imagine… as your loved ones chuckle through while turning the pages of your wedding album. The tears of joy or joyful laughter that echo through your home to those wonderful memories captured of the two of you, your family, loved ones and best friends.


We strongly believe that your wedding album that we create today, is of great importance in your lives, not just for today but in the many years to come.


Designing your wedding album requires focus. We are proud of the photographs that we include, and those we decide not to include. Because, every page of your album should bring delight, joy and perfection.


We remove the clutter, to enhance the focus. We magnify greatness with masterpieces, and not with volume. We simplify, so timelessness will stand out.


And only then, do we sign off on your wedding album.


And in the end, when you are old and grey, it would be the one of the best books you’ve ever loved.

The Classic

If you are the kind that loves perfectly thoughtful designs, if you are the kind that appreciate details in designs and if you are the kind that has feelings for the details, we have the perfect crafted signature wedding album just for you.


The Classic is our signature series. This series came from an evolution of many iteration of perfecting an album look and feel. The thought process was elaborate. We thought about the experience of unboxing the album, through revisiting the album again over many years to come. We thought about the thickness of the pages, the lift of the album, the weightage and we argue about the right size. On top of that are our beautifully crafted signature portfolio pieces by Jon Low Studios printed in the album.


Don’t just take our word for it. Swing by our gallery, and feel it for yourself.

The Contemporary

Our contemporary albums  (powered by Photobook Worldwide) are like our  classic range but just a tad bit more casual. The magazine like finishing makes the album simple, modern and casual. Gives simplicity a new definition.


With our signature album layout, the album is stored neatly in a hard slipcase and is easily carried around for visiting memories.

PDF Albums. You are welcome.
The printed albums are gorgeous to look at. But lets be honest, as much as we love them, they probably not the easiest to bring around.


We questioned how we can get the albums to the hands that people who cares and adds value for our clients without incurring additional cost. It turns out that while we get the wedding album layout ready to be send to our album maker, the layout is ready in soft copies.


We think that compiling these soft copies into a PDF document and made it available for our clients for download would be fantastic.


The PDF Album will be made available for download for all our Classic & Contemporary packages signed with Jon Low Studios.

PDF Document will be available for all major platform, iOS & Android included.

We want your wedding album be viewed by people that you care about. The files are hosted on our website, and made available for your download and as well as your family and friends. It will be a common file PDF standard and can be open with any major portable devices not limited to just iOS, Android, Kindle, FireOS et cetera.