Irene & Hun in Santorini
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That couple, at that place…

That’s Hun & Irene, at that place… Santorini. Great marriage of location and nicest people to photograph. I first met Hun & Irene while I was down under in Perth quite a good 3 years ago. It’s quite nice to be know that I will be their photographer from the get go. Not knowing when we will photograph, where we will photograph and how we do it. But, here it is….. A wonderful couple, in a glorious place on earth.


Hun & Irene were set to get married in Penang, Malaysia in December 2014. These photographs were taken a few months earlier for the celebration which were to come in December. We met at Istanbul, before heading out to Greece, and than to the beautiful island of Santorini.


Hun & Irene, thank you so much for hosting us, and liking our photographs through and through these years, hopefully in years to come. It’s truly remarkable to be part of your wedding experience in so many places. Thank you.


Makeup by : Angie Make Up & Hair