Nicole + Casey's

A Datai Wedding Escapade

the perfect canvas for an eclectic nature wedding


A Datai Wedding Escapade

the perfect canvas for an eclectic nature wedding

Photography by: Jon Low Studios • Videos by: Ken Chan Production • Make Up & Hair by: Angie Makeup • Gowns by: Celest Thoi

Islands in front of The Datai Langkawi’s beach front

Nicole + Casey

Nicole and Casey’s hosting a wedding soon. And we have a chance to photograph an unique experience in leading up to their upcoming wedding.

The situation now in the year 2020 and 2021 has been a challenging year in planning events and weddings. Nicole and Casey’s wedding plans were in no exception.

We – Jon Low Studios, Ken Chan Production, Angie Make Up and Celest Thoi and together with The Datai Langkawi hope that The Datai Project  would bring some wedding cheers to the couple in prepping their upcoming wedding.

The Datai Experience

– When nature meets luxury

I’ve been back to The Datai to shoot weddings. Most of the time, I am with a wedding day schedule that I am tied in to and not often I get to shoot The Datai Langkawi the way we shoot the location for Nicole and Casey.

We love photographing and making content to the road less travelled. To show the other side of The Datai Langkawi, and just let The Datai Langkawi to be the perfect canvas for an eclectic nature wedding.

Rainforest Pool Villa

The Rainforest Pool Villa sets the tone where our story begin for Nicole and Casey. Their getaway begin with a luxurious settings of an authentic Malaysian inspire villa greeted by an infinity pool surrounded by tall rainforest trees. The set itself inspire us to be photographing their vacation right in their own personal room.

There is a Mangrove
at The Datai

The natural mangrove at the Datai gives an adventurous self kayak experience lead by The Datai’s own Naturalist. Dave is  the expert amongst the water trail and trees on the mangrove. He is the nature keeper at The Datai bay and gave us a tour on the mangrove that grew and integrated with the resort.

That begins the unique experience of spending a weekend in Langkawi. The journey begins at the The Datai’s beach front. We have to time the entire experience depending on the ocean’s tide which is tricky considering the amount of activities we have planned for Nicole and Casey.

Somehow, the sun and the stars aligned and it all made out quite nicely. We took the kayak into the mangrove, enjoying the scenic experience paddle after paddle.

Hiking into

the woods

Into the Crystal Creek. The crystal creek at The Datai is an pretty awesome experience. The hike into the woods takes about approximately 15 minutes before we are greeted by cold flowing fresh water fall which it is not just picturesque, but a great way to cool down after a heated hike at the rainforest.

Nicole and Casey met Ishad at the entrance of the hike. Ishad is a walking, talking nature whisperer that carries 1001 tales about trees and breeze at The Datai Bay, and what a treat. The short hike was a great experience. The workout was for sure, but the stories – they are to die for

Wedding portraits at The Crystal Creek and The Datai Langkawi

– The road less taken

Photographing at The Datai property itself is picturesque. When we photograph the couple at the road less travel, it’s magnificently picturesque.

On arrival at the Crystal Creek, a private waterfall that is reserved just for the Nicole and Casey for the afternoon. The short hike should break out some sweat and jumping into the waterfall would be rewarding.

We then went on and photograph some of the amazing portraits at the Crystal Creek and followed by shots photograph around The Datai Bay property. Who knew, an empty ELS Club gave us an amazing landscape and backdrop while the couple were in their wedding gown.