Pre Wedding

Pre wedding as the name suggest is wedding photography before the wedding day. It is popular in Asia and of cos here in Malaysia. Engagement photography is what the rest of the world knows it as.

It’s a trend that has went through many iterations. 

Here is why I think people plan for pre wedding photography. I think people decide to engage photographers to shoot pre wedding photos just so they could have more professionally taken photographs of them together. It’s that simple. 

And since weddings is all about celebrations, Pre Wedding photography gives an avenue to express that celebratory feeling. It’s nice to have an album worth of photograph for the keep sake. And it’s nice to have photographs to decorate the wedding day. 

It also takes the pressure off having couple photos taken on the wedding day when time and energy are spent fulfilling traditions and cultural obligations on the wedding. Think about it, most of the time during the wedding day, couples are either separated, or never alone.

Pre wedding photography has it’s place. It’s a gimmick, and a good gimmick. I’ve met couples who wouldn’t think it’s something that they would do, and I’ve met couple whom gets it, and understands the gimmick of a pre wedding. And they have a good experience out of it. 

I asked a couple once why they take prewedding photo. And they ask if I knew about those street peddler photographers that take instant photos at a tourist location. Where sometimes they have costumes and they can play dress up? And those Disneyland rides, where u can purchase a photo of you while you are on the ride. 

Those photographs as nice and silly as they are, they remind them that they are on vacation having a good time. 

And prewedding photography creates a new wedding memory for them. 

BECAUSE, ultimately, how you want to remember your wedding celebrations is entirely up to you.