Wedding Udaipur Part 2

Spoiler alert. It was quite an EPIC wedding. An full on Indian Wedding hosted in the mother land of India. We gathered for Tarinee & Shan, and their family and friends to cover one of our epic weddings in Udaipur.

Day 2 was pre celebrations to what would lead to the ceremonious wedding day in the weekend. The Mehndi is lovely to photography, with amazing details are crafted by the henna artist to Tarinee’s hands, and fingers. They also hosted a dinner and dance in the evening maximising out time spent with the wedding guest. Check out how we photograph the wedding.

This is Part 2 of 3 of The Afterwalk 24. In this episode of the afterwalk, we head off to Udaipur for an amazing wedding in India. I’ve broken this series to 3 different parts for different days of the wedding celebration.