It’s 2019, how does modern Chinese wedding look like?

Mershel + U-Peng

Wedding Planner: Prep (website)
Cinematography: Keng’s Studio (website)

We photographed Mershel & U-Peng’s Chinese ceremony and we thought we share some photographs of how a modern couple rocking the traditional Chinese wedding.

The wedding styling is a mixture of tradition with a modern twist. From a pair of customised Lipstick Red designer Jimmy Choo with gold metal plate engraving of the wedding date, to a very detail Chinese qi bao for the bride and the groom, with the groom pairing a round rayban sunglasses.

Bridesmaid, Groomsmen

The bride

Red Veil

The red veil completes the bride’s attire. Red, in Chinese symbolises happiness and luck.

While the idea of someone being veiled down has nothing to do with luck, it is a piece of cloth which completes a traditional Chinese wedding back in the ancient times when the groom only meet the bride for the very first time on their wedding day.

Besides, the red veil presents some unique Chinese veil shots and it look great in photographs.

A mixture of new, and the old Chinese traditions

From the car door opening, to the bridesmaid’s gate crashing, these are the typical scene of a modern day Chinese wedding practises. Here are some photographs of Mershel & U-Peng that we documented.

… and an old, old tradition…

.. of picking up the bride with a wooden litter, powered by human. 😉