Stephanie & Sam

Make Up Artist: Angie Makeup & Hair
Venue: Tokyo, Japan

We spent a week traveling in between Tokyo and Tateyama Kurobe Alphine Route and places in between photographing Stephanie & Sam’s engagement photographs.

It’s a trail that neither us or the couple had explore and we were out for an adventure. Stephanie and Sam were quick on their feet in sorting out the journey, whilst me and Angie gotta be quick in spotting places and spots for photographs. It work out fantastic. We were high literally on the altitude and feelings at the end of the shoot up on the glacier as we wrap up the shoot with some amazing photographs.

Our outtakes >>

Some out takes while we spent a week in Japan. Probably more selfies than I am proud to show, but these handful of out take means quite a plenty to us while we work.

Watch the behind the scene from Jon Low’s Afterwalk’s video: